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There are dozens of waterproofing companies out there that advertise basement waterproofing. And sure, any company can stop a little water leak. But here are OUR reasons to choose Great Lakes Waterproofing for your wet basement needs:

1.Customer Service: From our inspectors to our office staff all the way down to our technicians Great Lakes Waterproofing takes pride in providing our customers with the highest level of customer service including offering 24/7 toll-free to answer questions at the customers convenience.

2.Personalized Service: Our inspectors personally call to schedule estimates for each customer followed by an in-depth walk through of each customers home with a written recommendation of work to be completed, all free of charge of course.

3.We Will Work With You: We are a small business, and the perks of being a small business is being able to offer our customers perks. For example, what large company can offer interest free financing? Or what large company can cater to customers specific requests? Exactly.

4.Knowledgeable Technicians: Each of our technicians go through a training course in our processes and procedures. They become experts in this field and can give the customer the highest quality of work. Not to mention they are always tidy and are sure to communicate well with the customers.

5.It’s the Permanent Solution: Out Bentonite Volclay injection is really one of a kind. There is a lifetime transferable warranty on the work that we do because we stand behind our product 100%! While other companies offer temporary solutions, Great Lakes Waterproofing offers a permanent.


So if you are looking for a company that can offer you, as a homeowner, everything you want in a large corporation as well as the perks of a small business do not hesitate any further. Give Great Lakes Waterproofing a call now! 1-888-448-2351

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