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Prevention Methods for the Flooding Ahead

The promise of severe flooding conditions after the Midwest’s record amount of snow has homeowners fearing crippling repairs costs for basement damage.  There are preventative measure you can take to help keep the water where it belongs – OUTSIDE.

1)      Dig out your downspouts.  Make sure they’re draining properly and don’t have ice damns causing water back-ups and flooding

2)      Check your sump pump- pour a 5 gallon bucket of water into the crock and make sure the sump pump kicks on.  Don’t stop there! Follow the discharge from the sump pump and make sure that it’s draining properly on the outside of your home.  If it’s not, the water can continue to recycle back to the home and fry the sump pump by working it too hard

3)      Watch for severe ice dam’s in your gutters – as the snow on your roof starts to melt, don’t allow that water to spill over into one spot.  Keep it draining into your downspouts… which should be extended 8-10 feet away from the home.

4)      If you have any concerns, address them AHEAD of time.  With the severe temperatures, walls have started to crack.  Get the problem addressed BEFORE the thaw, and save yourself thousands of dollars in repair damage.

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