Prevention Methods for the Flooding Ahead

The promise of severe flooding conditions after the Midwest’s record amount of snow has homeowners fearing crippling repairs costs for basement damage.  There are preventative measure you can take to help keep the water where it belongs – OUTSIDE.

1)      Dig out your downspouts.  Make sure they’re draining properly and don’t have ice dams causing water back-ups and flooding.

2)      Check your sump pump. Pour five (5) gallons of water into the sump basin, until the sump pump starts. Check the water exiting the discharge line outside of the structure to ensure that it is properly draining, as improper drainage can permanently damage your sump pump.

3)      Check for severe ice dams in your gutters to prevent melting ice from spilling over your gutters and draining next to your foundation. Downspouts should extend 8 to 10 feet away from your structure.

4)      Foundation walls can crack due to severe temperatures. Address any concerns that you have as soon as you discover them to help maintain your structure’s stability, and to possibly reduce your repair costs by thousands of dollars.

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