People and buildings in five states were shaken by the May 2, 2015 earthquake that was centered near Galesburg, Michigan. The magnitude 4.2 earthquake was the strongest one centered in southern Michigan since 1947.

News reports indicated structural damage was done to the foundations of many homes and businesses.

Great Lakes Waterproofing can help you address structural or waterproofing problems that are a result of shifting ground conditions below grade-level that impact a foundation.

The way to prevent this may be as simple as bracing the foundation. Great Lakes Waterproofing uses Carbon Fiber Strips to stabilize walls and address structural integrity. Rather than installing expensive, intrusive and unattractive reinforcement beams, we use a Fortress Stabilization System that uses Kevlar grid straps that are as thin as a dime, and 10 times stronger than steel. The product comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Great Lakes Waterproofing uses Carbon-Kevlar straps to help stabilize and reinforce foundation walls, and to address structural integrity. We use the strongest strap and system available, which is a product of Fortress Stabilization Systems. The strap keeps the foundation from shifting any farther. The Fortress strap uses an Epoxy Rivet Technology, and top and bottom anchors that attach to the Carbon-Kevlar strap.

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