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If water is entering your foundation through the walls or cove joint, a drain tile system is typically unnecessary.  Ripping up the floor for an issue with the wall adds additional expense and creates unnecessary headaches. If you are experience wall or cove joint problems.

There are circumstances when a drain tile system becomes necessary.  Hydro static pressure occurs when a large capacity of water develops around a foundation.  The weight of the home, in conjunction with the quantity of water, creates extreme pressure on the concrete foundation.

Since water takes the path of least resistance, it’s going to target the least convenient place – your basement.   This can cause severe flooding and wreak havoc on the structural integrity of the home.

Since this is an extreme issue, the team at Great Lakes Waterproofing went to extreme lengths to develop the optimum solution.  We implemented our installation strategy based on the recommendations of engineers and architects that specialize in foundation design and construction.  Everything from our sump pumps, piping, and concrete – even down to the size rock that we use – have been recognized as best industry practices.

We offer a transferable warranty (*ask inspector for full warranty details) with these installations – and this is not a commitment that we take lightly – so when formatting our installation guidelines, we ensured that our products would be as good as our warranty, and our warranty would be as solid as our name.  Great Lakes Waterproofing has been in business since 1978, and we have built our reputation by servicing what we guarantee.  Contact Us or call 1-888-448-2351 for your free inspection and estimate.

Flume Channel System – “The modern solution to an age old problem of wet basements”  

In the case where the Hydro-Clay cannot completely seal the walls, but there is not a high water table, a Flume System would be installed.  A Flume is a 1.5″ by 1.5″ galvanized steel channel, sealed in a hydraulic cement cove.

 The Flume is laid atop the floor, against the wall, and is sealed in place with a hydraulic cement cove.  The Flume is drained into a floor or a sump basin.

Weeping Walls

No one wants an emotional foundation!

Keep your foundation steady and strong with Bentonite volcanic clay injection. It increases the longevity and health of your foundation and your home!

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Drain Tile Installation/ French Drain System

Satisfied customers since 1978

We purchased our house from someone who had hired them initially. So we are a license transfer of warranty. We had them come out to our house twice to service some water issues and they very prompt, courteous and did an excellent job. It’s been around three years now and all is dry.
Mark K.
“It was very good. They were prompt, came exactly when they were supposed to, did what they were supposed to do, and the crew was pleasant. It was the type of experience that you’d want if someone was doing work in your home. The job took a couple of days and it has worked just fine.”
Dawn S.
Very good customer service and communication about the project at hand. I would highly recommend Great Lakes Waterproofing.
Barbara B.
Very quick turn-around on work. Helpful people. Finally, I’m excited to be a home-owner!
Jon B.
I researched this company and discovered it invented the outside-injection process in the 1970s for sealing basements without having to dig up the ground/foundation. They understand the concept that, if the water is coming from the outside, you need to treat it from the outside to keep the water off the wall! Other companies only have the inside systems that don't address the source (external) of the water. Great Lakes has a variety of options, and the volclay-bentonite they provided for my house permanently stopped the water and mold!
James G.

A job well-done is priority #1.

Great Lakes Waterproofing is one of the largest and most dependable basement waterproofing companies serving the Chicago and Michigan area.

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