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Waterproofing President Benjamin Harrison’s Home

Great Lakes Waterproofing, Inc.  was contracted to waterproof President Benjamin Harrison’s home in Indianapolis, IN.  Regional Sales Manager Ryan Clark said “They took me on a tour of the home, and I found out Benjamin Harrison ran his presidential campaign on the...

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Home Builders Association Membership in Louisville, KY

Great Lakes Waterproofing, Inc. recently became a certified member of the Home Builders Association in Louisville, KY under the categories of basement waterproofing and foundation repair.  Check out the website here: HBA Membership. Louisville, KY...

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Avon Indiana Basement Waterproofing

You get home from book club on a rainy night at Monical's Pizza only to find your basement flooded with an inch or two of water.  Who do you call?  The experts for basement waterproofing in Avon, Indiana : Great Lakes waterproofing.  We can seal your foundation for...

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New Castle Indiana Basement Waterproofing

You come home from 18 holes of golf at The Country Club of Indianapolis to your home in New Castle, Indiana and find that the basement foundation has sprung a leak.  You need your basement sealed as soon as possible, before your carpet and your ZZ Top records are...

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Carson Heights Indiana Basment Waterproofing

You're studying at the University of Indianapolis for your degree in lawnmower repair when you suddenly realize its raining. Your wife calls and tells you the basement carpet is getting soaked.  You need the basement sealed, and fast.  You need to call the best...

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Warren Woods IN Basement Waterproofing

If you come home from throwing a frisbee with your golden retriever at Grassy Creek Park in Warren Woods Indiana, and find that your basement is filling up with water, call Great lakes waterproofing for all of your Indianapolis IN basement waterproofing needs.  We can...

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Cincinnati OH Basement Waterproofing

The rain is coming down in sheets as you drive over to the Cincinnati Public Library to read up on proper VCR repair when suddenly your daughter calls because water is pouring down your basement walls.  Who is the Cincinnati Ohio Basement Waterproofing authority? ...

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Audubon Park KY Basement Waterproofing

You're out on the course at the Audubon Country club, the back nine, shooting the best game of your life, when suddenly lightening strikes.  The darkened sky rips forth in a deluge of rain.  Despite your frustration,  you pack up and head for home, only to find...

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Jefferson Kentucky Basement Waterproofing

Its a rainy night.  You decide to take your spouse to a movie and then for a nightcap at the Blue Mule Sports Cafe... But then you arrive home and find that your basement has "sprung a leak."  You need to contact your Jefferson KY Basement Waterproofing...

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Georgetown Indiana Basement Waterproofing

Did you just pick up your child from Georgetown Elementary, in the middle of a daylong spring thunderstorm, only to arrive home and find your basement filling up with water?  You need  basement waterproofing from your Georgetown Indiana basement waterproofing...

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So Sunny!

Its so sunny out, what a perfect day for a FREE estimate. Make sure to give us a call!!! 1.888.448.2351

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Check Your basement for Water!

Its raining Check your basement and crawl spaces for ANY water that may have entered. Dont forget to give us a call for your FREE estimate at 1.888.448.2351...

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Spring Time!

The snow is about to melt, which means we're going to start to get REALLY busy. Now is the best time to call for your FREE estimate! 1.888.448.2351

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Satisfied customers since 1978

We purchased our house from someone who had hired them initially. So we are a license transfer of warranty. We had them come out to our house twice to service some water issues and they very prompt, courteous and did an excellent job. It’s been around three years now and all is dry.
Mark K.
“It was very good. They were prompt, came exactly when they were supposed to, did what they were supposed to do, and the crew was pleasant. It was the type of experience that you’d want if someone was doing work in your home. The job took a couple of days and it has worked just fine.”
Dawn S.
Very good customer service and communication about the project at hand. I would highly recommend Great Lakes Waterproofing.
Barbara B.
Very quick turn-around on work. Helpful people. Finally, I’m excited to be a home-owner!
Jon B.
I researched this company and discovered it invented the outside-injection process in the 1970s for sealing basements without having to dig up the ground/foundation. They understand the concept that, if the water is coming from the outside, you need to treat it from the outside to keep the water off the wall! Other companies only have the inside systems that don't address the source (external) of the water. Great Lakes has a variety of options, and the volclay-bentonite they provided for my house permanently stopped the water and mold!
James G.

A job well-done is priority #1.

Great Lakes Waterproofing is one of the largest and most dependable basement waterproofing companies serving the Chicago and Michigan area.

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