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Muskegon, MI NO DIGGING Basement Waterproofing

Great Lakes Waterproofing is one of the largest and most dependable basement waterproofing companies in Muskegon, MI.

The “No Digging” Method
Great Lakes Waterproofing in Muskegon, MI uses a NO DIGGING Bentonite Clay injection system to seal-off those water pathways and keep your basement walls DRY FOR GOOD!
Stop Water from Hitting Your Basement Wall!

If you struggle with a wet basement or want to plan ahead with basement waterproofing in your Muskegon, MI home, Great Lakes Waterproofing is here to help. Our qualified contractors have been waterproofing basements since 1978 and can tackle any of your residential or commercial basement water damage issues. Our team of specialists will assess the situation and then apply the appropriate solution for you. We use three main types of technologies when eliminating water and moisture in your wet basement: Drain Tile, Hydro-Clay Bentonite, and a Channel System. Visit our Basement Waterproofing page for more information or call 1-888-448-2351 for your free inspection and estimate.

Foundation Repair in Muskegon, MI

If you need wall reinforcement or foundation repair services in Muskegon, MI, then we have you covered. Great Lakes Waterproofing will come in and help you identify any basement wall reinforcement problems and then deliver you the perfect solution. Visit our Foundation Repair page for more information.

Bentonite Grout in Muskegon, MI

Great Lakes Waterproofing is excited to work in the greater Muskegon, MI area, serving homes and businesses with Volclay brand Bentonite Clay when they need basement waterproofing or elevator pit waterproofing. Volclay Bentonite is used to stop wet foundation walls and leaky cracks in the wall. The all-natural material never disintegrates, making it great for both residential and commercial use. Visit our Bentonite Grout page for more information about its application. 

Elevator Pit Waterproofing in Muskegon, MI

Do you reside in the Muskegon, MI area and struggle with water damage in your commercial/industrial elevator pit? Our team of experts employs proven techniques to prevent further elevator pit water issues caused by leaks in the foundation. Contact us today if elevator pit water is a problem in your building or call 1-888-448-2351 for your free inspection and estimate. Visit our Elevator Pit Waterproofing page to read more information about how we cure elevator pit water problems.

A job well-done is priority #1.

Great Lakes Waterproofing is one of the largest and most dependable basement waterproofing companies.

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